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Survivors & Zombies

In our event you can participate in three ways. You can run the course as a “Survivor”, haunt the course as a “Zombie” or you can do BOTH each at a different time. Make sure to check out all the options before choosing your fate. Then REGISTER here.



Survivor Equipment Provided To You

2 Dog Tags. (For those who survive, to keep as a post-apocalyptic reminder, and for those who fall victim, easy body identification)

Pencil and paper to jot down your last words.

One food ticket for a free snack and drink.

If you survive the escape, you will receive a free Zombie Outbreak Escape T-Shirt at the finish line.  If you do not survive, and granted we can find your zombiefied body, we may throw a t-shirt at you or on you.

What You Need To Bring

Click here for details.

Survivor Escape Time

Please arrive 60 minutes before your escape time. You do not want to be in the back of the pack when the siren sounds.


Juicy Items Provided To You

Thousands of healthy, living, breathing and hopefully stumbling bodies to infect.

After you have had your fill of brains, entrails and body parts during your zombie shift, if your mindless zombiefied form can find the T-Shirt Booth at the finish line, you can grab your free Zombie Outbreak T-Shirt

One food ticket for a free snack and drink.

Instructional email on make-up and training.

Did I mention brains, entrails and body parts to devour?!

Juicy Items You Need To Bring

Besides your transformed, mindless, brain-hungry, zombiefied self, see “What To Expect/Bring” for details.

Zombie Wave Time

Please arrive 90 minutes before your wave time. After approval of your zombie transformation you will be taken to your feeding ground. We will provide you with a free snack and water during your wave time.

Zombie Make-Up & Training

We ask that you do your own make-up. We will not have any make-up for zombies on the premises. Part of the fun is creating your own transformation. After you register yourself as a zombie, we will send an email with zombie make-up tips as well as zombie scare tactics. When you arrive for your designated wave time we will approve your make-up and zombie walk.

Survivor & Zombie

If you think that you have what it takes to survive the escape and the fortitude to willingly turn yourself into a zombie to feed on the helpless, then we won’t stand in your way.


Take on the zombies. Eat the survivors. Do we really have to sell you on this…

We will eat some of your ticket cost making it more cost-effective for you to participate as both. .

Please review both Survivor and Zombie for specifics for each as well as “What To Expect/Bring” as you prepare yourself to take it all on.

*Survivors & Zombies get 1 food ticket and 1 t-shirt


Volunteers are one of the most important parts of Zombie Outbreak Escape. As a volunteer you have a hand in generating the experiences of our participants. We do not choose just anybody. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at contact@fitfeatevents.com.

Friends & Family

Don’t be the person that does this alone. It’s not brave and it’s definitely not smart.  Invite your friends and family to be a part of your zompocalypse. Besides, who are you going to trip when you are ambushed by zombies? PLUS it is way more fun to scare, infect and eat your loved ones.

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