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Question: Do I have to be in shape to participate?

Of course not. How you escape the zombies is up to you. It does not matter to us if you crawl on your belly, scoot on your butt or hop on one leg. This is your Zombie Outbreak Escape experience so have fun with it!

Question: Can you do all the work for me and invite my friends and family?

Yes, click here for more details.

Question: Can I help Fit Feat support a good cause?

Yes! Be a HERO and donate blood.

You never know who will need it.

Plus, there will be less blood for the Zombies to enjoy.

Donate before you register and receive a non-transferable coded voucher good for 25% off registration.**

Contact:  www.bloodhero.com or call (806) 797-6804

**Age restrictions and/or medical conditions may prohibit this discount

Question: Can I get a discount?

Yes! You can donate blood before you register and receive a non-transferable coded voucher good for 25% off registration. For details on donating blood see the above question.

Question: How do I use my non-transferable coded voucher to get my discount?

If you start your registration process by clicking the “Register” button and need to start over you will have to wait 30 minutes from the time you hit the “Register” button before you can use your promotional code again.

Question: Can I skip an obstacle?

Yes, remember this is your escape so have fun with it. Just keep in mind that as perilous as the obstacles may look, they are the safest route.

Question: How old do I have to be to participate?

You must be 14 years of age or older to participate as a Survivor, Zombie, or Both.

Question: Will there be a place to safely leave my stuff during my escape?

No, only bring what you do not mind carrying during your escape. There will be a Foam Pit that you will have to traverse during your escape so please be mindful of this when you decide what items to bring. We will have security patrolling the parking lot.

Question: Can I put together a team?

Yes, click here for help.

Question: Are spectators allowed at the event?

Of course, we will have designated spectator areas. Spectators are free to come and watch.

Question: Do zombies need to do their own make-up at home?

Yes, that is part of the fun. Plus, who knows what opportunities may present themselves after you have made your transformation at home.

Question: How touchy-feely will the zombies get?

The zombies can only touch your arms. Please click here for more details.

Question: If I register as both a survivor and zombie will I get two shirts?

No. Because we are going to eat some of your cost, we can only provide you with one free t-shirt.

Question: Can I trip a fellow survivor if I am ambushed by zombies?

No, you are going to have to recruit your higher brain function to get out of that dine-in party. There is no physical contact with your fellow survivors or zombies.

Question: What should I wear?

Please check the weather the day of the event and dress accordingly. The clothes you choose should be items that you do not mind parting with as they may get marked with infection.

Question: If I am a survivor can I look like a zombie?

No, only registered zombies can look like zombies. Please feel free to look like the most haggard survivor possible.

Question: Are there going to be designated changing areas provided at the event?

We recommend coming prepared to the zompocalypse. However, if you need somewhere to change, the restrooms will be a great place to do that.

Question: What if I get infected while I am trying to escape?

Finish your escape and make it to the Infection Inspection Team. Maybe there will be hope.

Question: Can I bring a weapon to protect myself?

Absolutely not. You will have to rely on your wits to survive this zompocalypse. Create a team to increase your chances of survival!

Question: What if I injure myself?

While we do not foresee such circumstances, we will have a first aid station with trained EMT to fix you up.

Question: Is my escape timed?

Only if you time it. We are less concerned with time as we are with you surviving.

Question: Can I get a refund?

No, we have a strict No Refund No Transfer policy.

Question: Are there any awards given out? Question: Do you receive a medal for surviving?

Walking away with your life is not rewarding enough? Everybody will receive 2 Dog Tags in your survivor packet. These will serve as your post apocalyptic reminder of the day you survived the Zombie Outbreak Escape.

Question: Can I bring outside food and drinks into the event?

Are we talking about 2 large pizzas and a super-sized soda or a bottle of water? If we see you bringing in outside food and drinks we will ask you to finish eating and drinking it before we let you in. You are more than welcome to bring in a sealed bottle of water, no larger than one liter. We will provide a food ticket for all participants good for 1 free snack and drink.

If you would like to sponsor one of our events or become a vendor, please contact us for more information.

If you have a question that is not answered in the above FAQ, please submit your question to us directly. Click here.