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If you have a question that is not answered in the below FAQ, please submit your question to us directly. Click here.

Question: If I am not a runner, can I still participate?

Of course! You can walk, run, hop, etc. This is your event so have fun!

Question: If I register for Color You Crazy what do I get?

For registering for our event you will receive a Color You Crazy t-shirt and a bag of color for the Colorworks Finale. Not to mention the foamiest bubble-wild color crazy run you have ever done! (If you register within 5 days of the event you will receive a T-Shirt Voucher that you have to take to a designated place to order your free T-Shirt)

Question: Does Fit Feat support charities?

You can feel good about yourself and know that each one of our events supports and/or contributes directly to local charities. We strive to donate 20% or more of the ticket price to our partnering organization or charity!

Question: How old do you have to be to participate?

All are welcome! If you’re under the age of 14 you will have to be accompanied by your legal guardian throughout the entire course. Every generation can do it. Just remember anything that crosses the starting line will get foamed up, bubbled up and colored up. Children under 6 years old do not require registration unless they want a t-shirt and color packet.  All participants at our event, regardless of age, require a signed waiver.

Question: Team Charity Opportunity!


*To make sure you are on the same “TEAM” just enter the same “team name” as your group in the specified box on the registration page when you register. Remember there can only be ONE team that is eligible to receive the money to donate to the charity of their choice and that will be the single biggest team (the team with the most registered participants under the same “team name”).

*If the single BIGGEST TEAM has 10 team members = $170, 15 team members = $255, 20 team members = $340, 25 team members = $425, 30 team members = $510, 35 team members = $595, 40 team members = $680, 45 team members = $765, 50 team members = $850 (the single biggest team only wins the amount of money that corresponds to their total number of team members registered to donate to their charity of choice)

Question: Team Discounts?

Enter promo code “fitfeatgroup” for a 5% discount

*Make sure you are on the correct “TEAM”. Just enter the same “team name” as your group in the specified box on the registration page when you register. 

**see “Team Charity Opportunity!” for more details on the benefits of creating teams.

Question: Are pets allowed?

- No, pets are not allowed. As funny as it would be to see Fido trot across the finish line all foamy, completely bubble soaked and color crazied, it is unfortunately something we can not permit.

Question: What should I wear?

- Light colored clothes. Keep in mind your clothes will get completely drenched in foam, bubbles and color. If you want to look the best at the finish line we suggest white.

Question: Will the color wash out of my clothes and shoes?

- Depends on how hard you try. Most likely there will forever be a colorful tint to what you wear on race day.

Question: Phones and cameras?

- Phones and cameras are welcome however we recommend wrapping them up to keep any foam, bubbles and/or color from coming in contact with your devices. Anything that water can damage, foam can damage.

Question: What does it feel like to get foamed up, bubbled up and colored up?

- Fantastic, Amazing, Wonderful, etc.

Question: Foam, Bubbles and Color - what exactly is it?

The foam, bubbles and color are all non-toxic and completely safe. Now we do not suggest getting any of them in your eyes, nose or mouth however if you do we will have a rinse station every kilometer.

Question: After the event how do I get the color off?

If you can do 5 backflips, 3 somersaults and 1 cartwheel you might be off to a good start. We will have cleaning stations set up near the finish line for your convenience. Make sure to bring extra towels to cover your vehicle seats in case you are unable to get all the color off.

Question: Spectators?

Spectators are welcome to come and enjoy the event. We will have designated spectator areas. Spectators are also welcome to join in on the Colorworks Finale, which is the post race color party. For the Colorworks Finale we will have a limited number of color packets for sale for both participants and spectators who want some extra color power.

Question: Is the Color You Crazy event timed?

Only if you time it (assuming you can read your watch after we drench you in foam, bubbles and color).

Question: Will there be a place to safely store my stuff?

We will not have a bag check. Please plan to bring what you are willing to carry. Keep in mind that stuff in your pockets may or may not be safe from the foam, bubbles, and color.

Question: Can I get a refund or transfer my registration?

No, we have a strict No Refund No Transfer policy.