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a 5k journey everybody needs to try!

What To Expect

We are going to spray, blow, and throw foam, bubbles and color until not even your mom can recognize you. This 5 kilometer Color You Crazy journey begins with Foam Falls at the start line followed by Bubble Blizzard and Color Cyclone every kilometer. You can expect after trekking through Foam Falls to look eerily like the Pillsbury Doughboy, but do not worry as the foam will dissipate fast. This is only the start. If you can picture thousands of bubbles swirling around you at once you might have an idea of what our Bubble Blizzard will be like every kilometer.  We don’t stop there. Our Color Cyclone is one of a kind. Make your way through whirlwinds of color as you enjoy one of the most fun runs you have ever done. When the siren sounds and your 5k journey begins, how color CRAZY will you get?

What Others Are Saying!

Jana – We had a great time, it was awesome!! A perfect family day : )

Tricia – Yesterday was my first 5k. I am not in good shape to say the least. I had been walking the two months leading up to the walk. Before the walk I wanted to use the rain as an excuse to back out. I completed the walk 5 minutes over my one hour goal however I am attributing that to the extra fun we had. The walk was lighthearted and fun, a great way to start my 5k journey.

Rhonda – I had a blast! It was still fun even with our CRAZY Texas weather! I cant wait for the next one!!!!!!

Della – The color run was great! Well done! Thanks!


We strive to donate 20% or more of our net profit to our partnering organization or charity! If you have an organization or charity that would like to partner with us on our next event please send us an email at

Who’s Invited

All shapes and sizes and all different ages are invited to get color crazy with as many friends and family members as possible. We encourage everybody that participates to challenge themselves. Whether you’re a first-timer or an avid runner lets go out in style.

What To Bring

Besides your friends and family for the foamiest, bubble wild, color-crazied time of your life, please bring an official form of identification and towels. The ID will get you into the event. The extra towels prevent any color you were unable to remove at our cleaning stations from getting on your vehicle seats.

Who We Are

Fit Feat Inc. is a Texas-based non-profit organization.  We began our venture in 2013 with the purpose of providing challenging/entertaining events.  As much as we enjoy watching others struggle through terrifying obstacles, we wanted to create events based around keeping fitness fun and feasible to all.

Our mission is to provide fun, challenging athletic events that engage our community and promote well-being.  Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, occasional gym devotee, or an avowed couch potato, our events are designed to bring you to your feet and put a smile on your face.

You can feel good about yourself and know that each one of our events supports and/or contributes directly to local charities.

You don’t need to have the body of a greek god to do our events. Just takes heart.